Reflection Piece

For this project, we were tasked with drawing our reflection, what we see in front of us, and what was on our mind at the time. To capture my reflection, I used a reflective juggling ball, this allowed me to capture my reflection, while also allowing me to morph the image to some extent. What I drew in front of me was my hand holding the juggling ball. I chose to leave the background blank from what I could see, and insert my thoughts, which were music notes being that I always listen to music when I work on projects or homework, it gives my mind the clarity and concentration I need to accomplish tasks.

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Tuscan Room

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Canon/ Character (Mordecai)

For this project, we were tasked with creating a character from our own imagination, with their own backstory, and agenda. I created my character based on a childhood idea I had at about 6 years-old, and I dug deeper into it and flourished my character. I used a lot of what I learned in class to help make this project, particularly capturing the 3-Dimentionality of figures.  Some of the more signifcant elements of my project are definitely the style of the line. In the past, I attempted to draw characters with very simple, straight lines. However, I’ve noticed that this style of line did not work for me very well, and I decided to go out on a limb and experiment with lines formed from short strokes being put together, and I am quite satisfied with the results. In comparison to how I started off last semester, I like to think that my DMA journey has brought my art skills quite a long way, and I’m looking forward to seeing where else my adventure will take me in life.

In the far out depths of space, amongst the stars. Hailing from a hidden dimension in between two of the three stars of the belt of Orion. Mordecai, stands upon a dwarf planet, watching over the galaxy. Being the last of his kind, a Stellatroglo, or the dweller of stars, he feels it his responsibility to watch over planets where they detect lifeforms. Although the exterior appearance of Stellatroglos is quite unique. Stellatragolos, are shadow creatures, as black as the depths of space. Stellatroglos, do not have a distinct form, their body are very malleable, which allows them to take whatever forms they wish to appear in, however, no matter what form they take, they will always remain as black as the void. Their biological makeup is also quite unique. A Stellatroglo has two luminous eyes, both with the radiance and power of a star in each eye, giving them great sight over long distances, and excellent vision in the dark. A Stellatrogolo’s sense of hearing emits from their entire body, this gives them an excellent sense of their surroundings at all times.

Biologically, unlike humans or most other beings, Stellatrogolos are not carbon based lifeforms, but rather their base element of which they consist is Hydrogen. Much like their hearing, their respiration emits from throughout their bodies, allowing them to never feel the sense of a lack of breath, and making it possible for their bodies to withstand breathing in all forms of environment, so long as that environment contained Hydrogen in it. Stellatroglos communicate with one another via telepathy, being they have no mouths. Mordecai has tasked himself with guarding our Galaxy against any harm that may come its way, in the aftermath of his home’s destruction. Mordecai hails from The Fluoxetine Cascade, a constellation of stars deep out into space, and held the position of a knowledge keeper to his planet, before the collapse of one of the cascade’s major stars, forming a black hole, which consumed the entire constellation and destroying his race, leaving him as the sole survivor.  Mordecai stands at a height of 4 feet tall, and a weight which can only be calculated by Stellatroglo stands, on Earth, Mordecai would weigh virtually nothing.

Upon the destruction of his world, he was commanded to flee by the high king of the Cascade, bearing to sacred relics of his world which he now wears.The Robes, and the Jewel of Nerar. Nerar is believed to be the father of all creation to the Stellatroglos, and these relics were left to the people, upon Nerar’s departure to the star journey, the journey beyond the mortal world. Although the robes contain no significant powers, the Jewel is said to possess the powers of Nerar himself. Wearing it around his entity, Mordecai is granted the powers of opening portals between distant locations, to harness the power of stellar energy and channel it into beams of hard light and constructs, and the ability to communicate with other beings of different worlds, who do not share his telepathy. The colors of Nerar’s robes are different shades of gray, and white, with a hood, and the symbol of the Stellatroglos on it. The symbol consists of an abstract representation of what a Stellatroglo views when looking at a star. While the Jewel of Nerar, is a radiant jade color.
After fleeing from the destruction of his home, Mordecai felt lost. And sought refuge where ever he could find it. Eventually, he stumbled across our planet, the Blue Planet as he called it to himself. Although it was not his home, he did find kindness and compassion in many of the people who inhabited the Blue Planet. He decided to remain close by in that solar system to keep an eye on the Blue Planet and its people.

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Tuscan Room


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Clay Head Test Sculpture


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Illustrated Journal (Mythical Cut Paper Collages/Comic Book Analysis)

Mythical Cut Paper Collages:

Morgana Wallace is a unique artist who specializes in making very dynamic paper cut out characters mainly from Japanese Linen paper. The reasons she chooses the Japanese Linen paper is due to the unique texture that it provides her work, and gives it a very mystical sense, bringing her characters to life. The other materials she uses include gouache, and X-Actos knives; and her subjects tend to center around female heroine and different mythical creatures.




Comic Book Analysis:

We were assigned to read and analyze a comic book over the weekend. As a bit of a  Spider-Man enthusiast, I naturally chose to analyze a Spider-Man comic book, however, I did not want to abide by the traditional Peter Parker path, so I strayed a bit, and I decided to analyze 2016’s Spider-Man #1, which is based around a different Spider-Man, a teenage boy by the name of Miles Morales, who was bitten by a stolen, genetically altered spider. Throughout the comic, Miles alternates between very calm, and very dynamic poses. As himself, Miles has a very sturdy figure and pose, very calm, and very collected. As Spider-Man, his movements are very fast, and swift, to some point, they are very comedic in a sense. The Sequencing of the comic is very fast paced, as I feel most comic should be, although, it is always adequate at times for them to have moments where the action is not so intensive, and the story takes a slower route.



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Illustrated Journal (Hero & Torso/Pelvic Bones)

My Hero:

Although I have many heroes whom I hold up to high positions in my life, every young boy’s hero is his mother, above anyone else. Personally, my mother is one of my best friends. As a single parent of 4, she’s never truly had it easy in any shape or form. She works two different jobs, one cleaning operation rooms at my home town’s local hospital, and the other cleaning houses for various people. She is honestly one of the hardest workers and most honest people that I’ve ever met, and she sets a really great example of what a model employ should look like. I set out to make my mother proud, one of my larger goals in life is to show her that her hard work was truly worth all the effort she put in. My mother always has, and always will be, my hero.

Torso/Pelvic Bones:


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