Clay/Wood Marionette

Abnorman, never asked to be the way he was. He’s constantly passed off as a monster, or as an abomination, but in reality, he’s simply misunderstood. The other marionettes never took kindly to him, because he seemed so much different than them. All Abnorman wants in this world is acceptance, acceptance that he looks different, that he comes from a much more complicated background than most others. However, most people choose not to see this, and as a result turn him away because of his difference.

For my marionette, I chose the form of a clown to help minimize the number of colors I would be required to use due to my colorblindness. I also chose the form of a clown because of how people associate emotions to clowns. More often than making them laugh, people tend to carry a certain fear of clowns. I decided to use this “Fear” to help associate the dismissal of abnormalities in our society from others with differences. I used a lot of blacks, whites, and grays to create a contrast throughout the marionette, and I used the shape of the pieces I made to help give my marionette is sturdy, but unique form.

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