Creation Myth Comic

I chose the Egyptian Creation Myth for my creation comic Project. In Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, McCloud talks about how the transitions between panel-to-panel. For my creation comic, I chose the Scene-to-scene transition for my comic, which helps the story maintain a fluid motion. Also conveyed in the book, is perspective. The perspective of my comic is very flat, which follows the Ancient Egyptian mural style. Finally, in chapter 1 of the book, McCloud goes into how symbols are used to help readers identify with the culture or imagery to help the reader to help relate to the story. A lot of symbolism is used in my comic, Egyptian hieroglyphs are extremely recognizable by almost any culture, giving my comic the symbolism I desired.

The story begins with a dark watery spiral, from which arose Atum, who was neither male nor female, and was brought into existence by his own will power. From him he created the next two Gods, Shu, and Tefnut.  From them, Shu and Tefnut created the Gods of the Earth and Sky, followed by the creation of Iris, Anubis, and many of the other gods. One day, Shu and Tefnut became lost in the dark watery spiral. Atum sent his all seeing eye out into the world to find them, once the eye returned with his children, Atum began to cry tears of happiness, these tears became the first men.

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