The Skeleton Within

For my project, we were tasked with capturing the human skeleton in a composition of our choice.  I chose to model my “Skeleton Within” on dancer, Julie Cheung. The reason I chose this particular image is to assist the viewer with moving throughout the artwork. The view can choose to enter through either the top or bottom, left or right side of the image, giving viewers a large freedom in movement. To add color and texture, I chose to venture into hatching and crosshatching to perform the task. As a colorblind art student, finding the correct colors to use has never been my strong suit, and by using hatching and crosshatching, I feel I achieved the task of shading and adding texture to my composition. Throughout the entire piece, I feel that I maintained a fairly even line weight, Which helps unite the artwork. One of the major aspects of my work that I cherish is my consistency. I’ve managed to maintain control over my work, giving it a solid composition, and feel.

Through this artwork, I feel that I’ve learned a lot when it comes to shading and adding texture to my work, and this is something I am planning to continue on doing in upcoming works. I believe I’ve come a very long way from where I first started in the DMA program, and I will continue to worker harder and try to bring my best work forward.

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