Illustrated Journal (Mythical Cut Paper Collages/Comic Book Analysis)

Mythical Cut Paper Collages:

Morgana Wallace is a unique artist who specializes in making very dynamic paper cut out characters mainly from Japanese Linen paper. The reasons she chooses the Japanese Linen paper is due to the unique texture that it provides her work, and gives it a very mystical sense, bringing her characters to life. The other materials she uses include gouache, and X-Actos knives; and her subjects tend to center around female heroine and different mythical creatures.




Comic Book Analysis:

We were assigned to read and analyze a comic book over the weekend. As a bit of a  Spider-Man enthusiast, I naturally chose to analyze a Spider-Man comic book, however, I did not want to abide by the traditional Peter Parker path, so I strayed a bit, and I decided to analyze 2016’s Spider-Man #1, which is based around a different Spider-Man, a teenage boy by the name of Miles Morales, who was bitten by a stolen, genetically altered spider. Throughout the comic, Miles alternates between very calm, and very dynamic poses. As himself, Miles has a very sturdy figure and pose, very calm, and very collected. As Spider-Man, his movements are very fast, and swift, to some point, they are very comedic in a sense. The Sequencing of the comic is very fast paced, as I feel most comic should be, although, it is always adequate at times for them to have moments where the action is not so intensive, and the story takes a slower route.



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