The design process was changed quite a bit from the original idea….

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Cthulu is a mythical being that represents all evil. But what most people don’t know, is why he became what is infamously known for now. As a young mythical creature, he was always isolated from all the other mythical beings in the world. He was one of his kind, unique, the only Cthulu in existence. As he grew older, his isolation from the rest of the world angered him, it drove him to the darkest depths of the world, where the mere darkness existed. As time went on, he became one with this darkness, he became the terror that he felt that he was to the world, and became the face of all evil from that day forward.

Artist Statement & 10 Questions:
For my marionette, I chose to base it on a mythical creature known as Cthulhu, and evil creature which dwells and rules the underworld. The structure of my marionette’s build is quite sturdy, and gives it quite a strong posture, while the flow of the movement which originates from the legs, give the structure a very fluid movement. Aside from the idea of Cthulhu from what I drew my concept from, I can also draw the idea of a spider, provided, my marionette only has for legs, but this was a result of wanting some abstraction in my work. I describe my creative process through the balance of my marionette, I replicated all fours sides of the marionette with the exception of the front side, which holds the marionette’s head. There are not many differences when it comes to my marionette, with the exception of the colored pieces of the marionette, the only difference is the head piece on all fours sides of the marionette. My marionette consists of multiple different layers of paper airplane like structures, it has very sharp lines, and it is a fairly large size.  While experimenting with different shapes, I found that cubes, triangles, and rectangles were very productive shapes, however, the paper airplane form gave my marionette the shape I desired, and this is why I chose it. Modular Design played a significant role in my creation, being I only used the one shape to put it together. It gave my marionette a sturdy foundation and unique form. Overall, the main elements and principles of my marionette are symmetry, proportion, color.

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