Illustrated Journal (Hero & Torso/Pelvic Bones)

My Hero:

Although I have many heroes whom I hold up to high positions in my life, every young boy’s hero is his mother, above anyone else. Personally, my mother is one of my best friends. As a single parent of 4, she’s never truly had it easy in any shape or form. She works two different jobs, one cleaning operation rooms at my home town’s local hospital, and the other cleaning houses for various people. She is honestly one of the hardest workers and most honest people that I’ve ever met, and she sets a really great example of what a model employ should look like. I set out to make my mother proud, one of my larger goals in life is to show her that her hard work was truly worth all the effort she put in. My mother always has, and always will be, my hero.

Torso/Pelvic Bones:


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