Illustrated Journal (Bone Drawings, Chapters 7&8)

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This Is Colossal:

Lui Ferreyra is a talented artist who focuses on the forms of hands and faces. What makes her work unique, is that rather than blending the colors of her geometric forms by hand, she allows the eyes of her viewers to do the blending, giving her work a unique experience for viewers. Her work captures a lot of motion, giving her artworks rhythm to carry viewers throughout the page.

Understanding Comics:

In Chapter 7, McCloud talks about how art is used as a form of self-expression. Art is used as an escape for many people, it allows them to journey into a blank world where the individual is the creator and has full control over their universe. He also discusses the six steps of creating an artwork.

In Chapter 8, McCloud discusses the usage of colors and their evolutions by technology, and also how it is a powerful tool for expressing emotions and developing the tone and mood of the story’s setting. He talks about how the colors you choose, can influence the mood and tone of the viewer, it will change the perspective on how they view the story, and even in some cases, the colors help develop characteristics.

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