Illustrated Journal (This is Colossal & Understanding Comics Ch. 1-2 Summaries)

Understanding Comics:

In chapter 1 of Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud, the narrator, goes into what the definition of a comic is. By the definition of the book, sequence of images based on space which possesses a narrative-like quality and visual direction to them. He also discusses how over the years, reading patterns have changed throughout different cultures and the essentialness of the image to word ratio.

In chapter 2 of Understanding Comics, McCloud focuses mainly on what viewers see in comics. He explains how comic artists have a very wide variety of styles to choose from, ranging from real, to surreal, to thin even lines, to cartoonish art styles. He also discusses how the more simplistic a comic is, the more emotion it captures, and the more personality it has.

This is Colossal:

This article looks into a tattoo center in Berlin. Mo Gangi is a minimalistic one line tattoo parlor. They use single lines, to design unique figural line tattoos, which are interpreted as both simplistic, and remarkable with the amount of detail that can be captured is a simple one line design.

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