Chair Project Write Up

For my chair project, I logged  a total of approximately 16 hours in making my chair. My chair represents many different things, all in a place of darkness and chaos. Originally, I had set out to create an aura, surrounding the chair. However, it was pointed out to me that the aura did not look as nice as I intended. My chair is the focal point of my piece. In a way the chair represents hope, and at the same time, it represents harmony, in a place where there is no order or light.

Contrast is the main element in my project. The balance between black, white, and gray. Contrast ties the whole project together. Another main element of my piece is Line. Although the lines on my piece only extend as far as my chair, the lines give my chair a unique form which gives the chair a certain “POP” feature about it. In all, this project was very exhausting and time-consuming. What truly impressed me about my work, was the texture that the paper provided to my chair, it gave it a bumpy look which was very pleasing to the eye. From this project, I did learn a lot about capturing the form of an object, shading, atmospheric perspective, and being patient with my work. Provided that these are all things that I’ve been learning since I began my journey into the DMA program at Alfred State, the reason I emphasize these things I learned on this project, in particular, is due to the amount of stress, and patience this project dealt me.

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