Illustrated Journal (Brain Pickings)

Created by Maria Popova, Brain Pickings, is a website with the purpose of sharing the meaning of the world is, why things matter, and why things happen the way they do. This week’s article, forwarded to me by my Foundations professor; circled mainly around the stories of Jacob Needleman, and his philosophy on the entire essence of life, being that knowing who you are and what you want in life is the most important thing. It also focused on Marina Abramović’s story on how taking risks is life is very important. Reading this article gave me quite a fresh perspective on life, I do believe that it is quite important to want to be adventurous in life, it is also essential to know who you are in life. Part of my personal philosophy is that there are two types of people, there are those whom know who they are, and those whom do not. Once you know who you are as a person, and what you want, everything else will being to fall into place, and it just come naturally to you.

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