Stop Motion Write Up

Lotte Reiniger (1899-1981) is one of the most well-known stop-motion animators to exist, and what made her stop motion animations so successful was her mastered ability to use silhouettes to for convey her stories. Born in Berlin, she was naturally talented with cutting out silhouettes, and used them in her own home theater,  in time this became her craft and profession after Paul Wegener discovered her talent, and invited her to work on his films Rübezahls Hochzeit, and Der Rattenfänger von Hameln.

Some of her most famous pieces are based off fairy tales and tales from the Brothers Grimm.  One of her first piece to ever be produced was Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (1953), which depicts the same story as Disney’s Aladdin, however, it carries a much darker and creepier tone than anything you would see on the Disney channel. Reiniger’s silhouette style of art was very well suited to depict the Arabian night scenery, a particular scene which stood out was the storm scene, as Aladdin was caught in the ocean, the silhouettes became darker and darker and the storm became stronger. A more moralistic tale that Reiniger chose to convey was the classic tale of Grasshopper and the Ant (1954). In both movies, her staging of the characters is what make her pieces truly fantastic. The emotions of the characters are always clear, and there is no difficulty in determining what action the character is performing. She also gives her silhouettes a very smooth motion, for example, in Grasshopper and the Ant, the scene where the grasshopper sat on the branch as he observed the ant moving back and forth doing his work; the particular scene captured the fluidness of the motion she gives her characters.

I am choosing to do a Reiniger styled piece for my stop motion project, I will be using cutouts to from silhouettes, played to music.

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