Illuminated Letter Project Write Up

In order to assemble my project, I took photographs of various places around town, I used these photographs to assemble various patterns to use, I also used Photoshop to incorporate one of these photos into my illuminated letter. After drawing the rough draft on the bristol vellum paper, I took a photograph of it to scan in into my Mac. From there, I used illustrator to form the outline of the S, the bass clef, and the music measures. I used pictures of piano keys and the side of a food truck to fill my S with color. I used the watercolor swatches on Adobe illustrator to fill in the bass clef and the music measures. I did attempt to fill in some of the white space with paint, both watercolor and watercolor swatch, but neither of them fitted well with the project, and I returned to illustrator to add more color to the background, in the end, using illustrator for color created a lot of contrast with the S and the bass clef, which is what I was originally going for. I don’t have a lot of watercolor/watercolor swatch on my project now, what I really used them for was the were the music lines, and the spaces in between. The version of my project that I am presenting is the second printed out copy I’ve made, using the watercolors ruined the first copy, and I felt it wasn’t adequate to present. The version I am currently presenting for my critique was initially drawn in pencil, scanned into the computer, and finished on my computer, with some added color swatch and watercolor for finishing touches. In total, I revised my project a total of 3 times.

This was definitely a very challenging project, it took a lot of time, and planning, and patience. But in the end, I’m satisfied with the end product, the colors contrast well with one another, creating volume to my artwork. I put a lot of myself into this project, every aspect of it carries a small shred of who I am, and how I’ve grown as a person from the time I started high school, until now where I embarked on my journey to earn my degree in Digital Media and Animation. My abilities to build interesting compositions have grown significantly since I start in the DMA major, and as I mentioned before in previous write ups, I’m looking forward to seeing where else my DMA adventure will take me.

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