Abstract Animation Write Up

For my abstract animation project, I used colored paper cut outs, and moved them in rhythm to acoustic guitar into of Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph.”  My theory on abstraction is the idea of taking a specific thought, then breaking it down into mere images and silhouettes, which then an observer processes in their mind to uncover the meaning or logic behind the arrangement of these images; thus the basis of abstraction is how the viewer feels when they analyze the image in front of them. I feel that I applied this theory very strongly to my abstract animation video. The motion was very fluid, and my video followed through on motion much more clearly than my previous animation.

While doing my abstract animation research, the idea of choosing to make a musical/rhythmic abstract animation came mostly from watching Oskar Fischinger’s Fantasia. Music has always played a large role in my life, so it was natural for me to choose something musically related to incorporate into my project. After watching Fantasia, I began to strongly admire the idea of abstract animation set to music. It was very appealing to my eye. Some other films that I examined were An Optical Poem, also by Oskar Fischinger, and Matrix III, by John Whitney. However, although examining these other animations did help me gain my theory on abstraction, I feel that Fantasia is what truly inspired my idea.

As for my strongest moments of motion, In all, I feel that I did fairly well construct this video. I used a black background for my who abstraction to create a lot of contrast, which allowed all the shapes to stand out and not go unnoticed. To choose a specific moment in my video where I felt the motion was particularly fluid and smooth, I’d point out the motion of the green cubes uniting into a single pile, during slides 99-124. I wanted to particularly focus on making the motion appear slower, therefore I used more frames to give the illusion of the green cubes moving slower, and I used fewer frames moving the yellow and red pieces towards the end, to give the illusion of them going faster. In addition, I feel that the opening credits will help tie the video together.

Overall, I feel that this project was a success, I did learn from previous mistakes, and I hope that this is evident through this animation and other animations to come.

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