Art Exhibit Write Up

During my Foundations I class, my professor took my fellow pioneers and me to go see a local art exhibit in town. From what I could tell, there were two different types of portraits on display, in the room to the right of the entrance, there was a small room with the receptionist’s desk, and in there you could find portraits of Imaginary Landscapes. In the followings, which was also reachable by walking down the hallway as you entered the building, was a long display of nude arts.

Starting with the nude arts, there were a couple particular factors that all these portraits had in common with each other that strongly drew my eyes attention. The first being that all these nude pieces were labeled as “Untitled,” Untitled #1, Untitled #2, and so on. The next was that all these pieces had been done as Conte on paper, this I felt gave the picture a really nice contrast, and a very well use of balance between positive and negative space, as all these pieces were monochromatic. Lastly, what really stood out in these portraits, is that it seemed that all the subjects of the portraits had been sleeping, or in some dormint state of being. From this, I captured a real sense of serentity and calmness from each portrait.

As for the imaginary landscape pieces, all the piece presented had been done on paper by the medium of watercolor. When I looked at each painting, I strongly admired the bizareness of the colors coliding with one another. I felt it created the opportuinity for a lot of self-interpertation from each different viewer of the pieces. One piece that caught my eye in the imaginary landscape room, was the piece titled “Imaginary Landscape 16.” After asking my professor about it, I found out that the painting had been dedicated to the painter’s family home that he and his family visited every summer. This fact isn’t particually relevant to the cirriculm or what we were meant to discuss at the art exhibit, but it was rather interesting to me.

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