“Objectified” By Gary Hustwit Write Up

In my Digital Foundations class, we were assigned to watch the movie “Objectified” by Gary Hustwit. Objectified, is a documentary film which elaborates on how and why everything around us from tablets, to televisions, to baseball caps, to chairs, and so on, is build and designed the way it is; the movie always goes into the stories behind some objects. For example, the camera was designed in a square/rectangular form because the film in the camera was square, but now since a very large portion of cameras are digital, there really is no reason for the camera to be in a square/rectangular shape anymore.

What really stood out to me in this video was the way they used multiple metaphors, and how the speakers went in depth with what they spoke about to convey their points about modern day objects. One of my favorite moments in this movie was when they moved onto the topic of cars having faces. The speaker explained how each car design has a unique face. What really drew me into this particular speech was that he mentioned that no one ever notices these faces unless they walk past the car to look at it, and that “No one cares on the highway.” Personally, I can strongly relate to that particular line, which is why it was the highlight of the movie, to me.

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