Linear Day Write Up

Sam Abdelhak

Foundations I

Linear Day Write Up


For my Linear day project, I chose to construct my accordion book about a day I took a camping trip with my family. For my medium, I chose Sharpie, which gave my lines a very thick, and smooth appearance. Since the lines have given my accordion book such an even weight and give a fluid transition from object to object, the Sharpie as a medium was definitely a good choice to help embellish my lines and gives the image a sense of continuity. The look of my images is fairly constant.

I chose not to do a very realistic look for my images, although I did give them a lot of detail, they carry a more animated appearance, which I believe conveys my personality through my work. In order to keep a constant motion to my book, I used the ground outside of the camp site as a path for the viewer to follow the image.

The ground I drew carries a very wavy motion, which helps the viewer become drawn into the image and wanting to follow the line to see where the image will go. Since my image is monochromatic, I used a lot of positive and negative space in my image, which also gives it a lot of contrast.

I feel that my final work is very creative. The placement of all the objects in the image gives the work a large sense of movement and harmony. I don’t feel that I’ve made any highly noticeable mistakes or lacked effort in any particular aspect of my artwork.

My artistic abilities and knowledge have been growing rapidly ever since I began the Digital Media and Animation major. With this project being one of my more significant grades this semester, I sense that my idea of “art,” has greatly evolved since the semester has started. For example; I’ve never been particularly fond of drawing faces or people, but now, after beginning my fourth week of  DMA, I feel much more confident in my ability to draw people.

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