Alfred Stieglitz Movie Write Up

Sam Abdelhak

Digital Foundations

Alfred Stieglitz Write Up


There is a fine line between photography and the arts. Photography is defined as the art, action, or practice of capturing photographs. Art is defined as the application of to express one’s imagination and creative thoughts through visual imagery, or sound. Alfred Stieglitz, an American photographer, pursued and achieved the dream of gaining photography the right to be titled as “Art.”

While watching “Alfred Stieglitz – The Eloquent Eye,” there are many pieces posted in the small transition segments of the video, these pieces fall into either category of photographs or paintings. There are a few of these pieces which stood out to me. The first image (Shown at 8:55 of the video) is a photograph of Stieglitz’s, an image of peasants harvesting the crops for in a remote hamlet. This picture caught my eye simply out of its naturality, unlike many photographs I see, this was a photograph of an authentic moment, rather than a posed picture as many photographs tend to be. The Next image, is an image of the “New” New York’s busy city street (10:57), with a subway moving on it’s way to the next station (Photograph taken by John Sloan). Much like the first image I mentioned, this drew my eye because of its authenticity and naturality, which is much more appealing to me than a posed portrait of a landscape or a family. Lastly, The Rude Descending a Staircase (Rush Hour at the Subway) (36:55), is a parody comic of Nude Descending a staircase, which I simply found entertaining and comical.

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