Illustrated Journal (The Waterfall)

This is a form of art that I’ve always found really interesting, it’s called 3D Street Art. This particular piece called “The Waterfall,” by 3D street artist, Edgar Mueller, depicts a very realistic image of the edge of a waterfall on one of his city’s main streets. He uses a lot of movement in his picture; when you stand back to admire the work, you’ll feel as if the water is actually moving. He also has an extreme emphasis on the edge of the waterfall, and it is obvious that he goes through a lot of effort to make it appear as if the water had begun moving downwards.

Mueller, Edgar. The Waterfall. Digital image. 3D Pavement Art Illusions by Street Artists Edgar Mueller, Inge Wagner and Gregor Wosik. Designpromotive, n.d. Web. 18 Sept. 2016.

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