Self-Portrait Write Up

My self-portrait represents much more than my face and upper body. My self portrait captures the essence of my existence, my mind, my soul, my heart. With my pencil, I removed a small shard of who I am, and conveyed my character to the observers of my portrait with the lines and curves I drew.

In every portrait I draw, I always begin with the chin, and work my way around my canvas as I create my whole masterpiece. Although it is probably an unusual point of commencement, I feel this technique has never truly failed me. From the base of my chin, I move up until I reach where the location of my mouth would be, and this is where I begin to draw my facial features. It is always based off whim and intuition of which facial feature I will draw first, in this case, the facial feature I began with for this portrait were my eyes.

I have always taken much pride in drawing eyes, to me, it is almost somewhat of a guilty pleasure to sit at my desk, and sculpt two eyes full of joy and content, with a tad of sorrow and melancholy; The kind of sorrow and melancholy that accompanies life experiences. As I draw the curves to my eyes, constructing two perfect circles, I consider what tone I want to give these eyes, how much of myself I wanted others to see.

From where I stand on the topic of art, it is important to leave a piece of yourself in each artwork you create. It allows for viewers to know that this artwork belongs to you, that you made this, that in some ways, this artwork, is you.

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